Why Invest In Envoos

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There are more reasons than we have listed below;

  1. Envoos is a profitable startup company with proofs
  2. Envoos TC leadership/management is a team of trusted professionals. Envoos team members are experienced beyond the normal
  3. Envoos team members all work together with the start up mentality of succeeding more & more
  4. Our investors are going to be part of the vision.
  5. We have a scalable & winning business plan/model
  6. Envoos the cost of running Envoos is very low as compared to the returns on investments.
  7. Envoos Products are alread at the functional prototype level does a clear evidence
  8. Envoos is unique in the solution its providing and the first in its target market
  9. Envoos CEO an examplary start up CEO, is a humble, passionate, experience, ambitous, hardcore, IT professional with expertise and creativity in both technology and business.
  10. The cost of running Envoos is very low as compared to other start up & businesses.
  11. Envoos is focused on Digital Technologies( the future)
  12. Our marketing strategy is the most effective in cost, implement, montoring and ROI
  13. Envoos is a start up which focuses on using Technology to solve problems : Education, Business, SME, etc
  14. Envoos has watched the IT Industry emerged from a traditional ….to now a whole new great .
  15. Envoos vision is that of today, tomorrow and the future.

For more information, please contact us using the email: investors.relations@envoos.com or our official address below

Head Office

Address: Bonduma-Buea, SWR, Cameroon

Email: info@envoos.com

Telephone:  (+237) 676-493-211

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